COMMISSION and install

private Residence, MALVERN, Victoria

july 2019


A casual conversation about a new approach to colour in my work with a supportive client turned quickly into a commitment to formulate a large site specific statement piece .

The discussion centred around how important the kitchen was to this home, and how much time was spent in that room. With a sunny aspect, and a mainly eclectic Industrial aesthetic, it forms the junction that feeds to the other living spaces in the house, all with incredibly dramatic and confident use of strong colours. The idea was that a large new colour work could unify the palette and become a contemplative focus within the room.

Two separated cupboards would be linked with a faux panel, to create a continuous canvas. The composition would lead the eye into the room, and the the main detail of the work could be enjoyed from the vantage point of sitting at the table.

The artwork chosen was a colour exploration of a Banksia menziesii model completed earlier this year. The colour gradients used in the final render would sit perfectly in the space, with care taken to replicate the real world lighting of the kitchen within the 3D software environment, thus giving the final image a further sense of depth when the lights in the kitchen were on.

Colours in the kitchen change dramatically over the course of the day, with blue daylight from the window and incandescent yellow from the interior lighting harmonising and ever changing the image.

Title: banksia_menziesii_twice/2019/unique_state

Dimensions: 180cm H x 280cm W, consisting of 5 x panels of 180cm H x 56 cm w.